A3.10.4 Control at Source


A3.10.4.1        Air Pollution


Examples of possible air pollution controls for point source control include:


Re-design the product and / or process.

  • Eliminate the polluting components.
    • E.g. lead free petrol, lead-free solder, VOC free paint.
  •  Substitute the polluting materials for less polluting materials.
    • E.g. replace paints that have a high VOC content with paint containing a reduced VOC content or replace CFC propellants with alternatives.
  • Ensure the process is efficient.
    • To reduce by-products and wastage.
    • E.g. monitor the air flow in combustion activities to ensure the combustion is effective.
  • Consider whether chemical or mechanical processes are more suitable.
    • Particles generated by chemical processes may be fumes, rather than mechanically generated dust, which is easier to collect.