A2 Index


A2.1.    The impact of organisations and business on the environment


A2.2.    The incorporation of environmental considerations into an organisation’s operations

A2.2.1  Effective Use of Resources

A2.2.2  Financial Benefits

A2.2.3  Improved Environmental Credibility

A2.2.4  Improved Efficiency of Processes

A2.2.5  Compliance

A2.2.6  Environmental Benefits


A2.3    Environmental Performance

A2.3.1 Performance Improvement

A2.3.1.1          Issues to Consider

A2.3.1.2          Developing a Plan

A2.3.1.3          Implementing a Plan

A2.3.2 Integration of Environmental Performance

A2.3.2.1          Purchasing

A2.3.2.2          Facilities Management

A2.3.2.3          Stock Control

A2.3.2.4          Health and Safety

A2.3.2.5          Designers


A2.4    Organisational Value chain

A2.4.1 Background

A2.4.2 Competitive Advantage

A2.4.3 Value Chain

A2.4.3.1          Value Activities

A2.4.3.2          Activity Types

A2.4.3.3          The Value System

A2.4.3.4          Using the Value Chain

A2.4.3.5          Where to find information for Value Chain Analysis

A2.4.4 Benefits

A2.4.5 Limitations


A2.5    Environmental Business Case

A2.5.1 Format of a Business Case

A2.5.2 Process

A2.5.3 Contents

A2.5.4 How to create a successful business case

A2.5.5 Issues to Consider

A2.6    Environmental Problems and Opportunities

A2.6.1             Competitive Advantage

A2.6.2             Wealth Distribution and Poverty

A2.6.3             Government and Regulation

A2.6.4             Environmental Concerns

A2.6.5             Sustainable Solutions