A2.6.5 Sustainable Solutions


Once you have identified that an environmental problem or opportunity exists, how do you propose sustainable solutions?


The answer to this question is so wide-ranging it is not possible to provide a specific answer. Rather, the aim of this course as a whole is to give you the skills you need to identify solutions that suit your particular circumstances.


Throughout this course we shall examine tools that will help you. These include:

  • Environmental Management Systems [C2]
  • Life Cycle Analysis [C5]
  • Organisational Value Chain [earlier in A2]
  • Business Case [earlier in A2]
  • Ecological Footprinting [A4]
  • Carbon Footprinting [A4]
  • Environmental Impact Assessment [C6]
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment [C7]
  • Environmental Risk Assessment [C8]
  • Cost Benefit Analysis [C9]
  • Positive Sustainability Culture [C10]


Technological solutions should not be forgotten. In B2 we shall look at Pollution Prevention and Control.