A2.5.4 How to create a successful business case


Sustainability Victoria produced “Guidelines for future developments: preparing a sustainability framework plan and business case”. The following information is based upon this document which is © Sustainability Victoria [State of Victoria, Australia].

The following are key steps to creating a successful business case for sustainable urban development:

  1. Identify and engage key stakeholders and decision maker.
  2. Establish the scope.
  3. Determine sustainability inputs and outputs.
  4. Develop your business case.


Step 1: Identify and engage key stakeholders and decision makers

Form partnerships between local councils, developers and communities to ensure that sustainable development principles are followed from the initial planning stages through to development, including:

  • Collective agreement on the vision for the future.
  • Joint operation of working groups and committees.
  • Collective agreement on how specific components should be interactively developed.
  • Shared efforts to minimise delays in the delivery of services.


Stakeholders that may impact on a Business Case:

A2.5.4 BC Stakeholders

Source: “Developing Value: The business case for sustainability in emerging markets”, 2002, SustainAbility & IFC.