A1.2.6 Interaction between the Natural Cycles


In the previous pages we have seen how each of the key natural cycles operate. It is obvious that there are elements which appear in more than one cycle.

Photosynthesis as a process appears in both the carbon cycle and oxygen cycle. Plants use carbon dioxide to create oxygen.

However, without water the plants will not live. If there is too much phosphorus or nitrogen in the soil, plants may not be able to live. Therefore the phosphorus, nitrogen and water cycles are all related to both the carbon and oxygen cycles.

The negative effects of Eutrophication may be caused by both an excessive increase in nitrogen and an excessive increase in phosphorus.

A human impact upon the carbon cycle is that caused by human activity, such as combustion of fossil fuels and other industrial processes. Certain processes release Ozone, which is a form of oxygen.

In summary, all elements of the ecosystem interrelate and interact with all others in some way. Actions taken locally can have global consequences.