IEMA Associate Certificate in Environmental Management

*Please note that this course is no longer open to new delegates.*

It has been replaced by the new 2018 Certificate in Environmental Management Course.


The IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment) Associate Certificate in Environmental Management is designed to raise the professional competence of environmental practitioners by assessing their knowledge and understanding of environmental management and its application. The course comprise of three modules, which awards IEMA Associate Membership on successful completion (and the completion of the new IEMA online exam). On completion of this course a candidate will:

  • Appreciate how global and local environmental issues evolve, and identify why and how they can be incorporated into the management of an organization.
  • Understand in general terms the impacts of societal activities on the earth’s natural systems.
  • Outline practical ways in which an organisation can reduce its impacts, both strategically and operationally.
  • Inter-relationships of environmental, economic, social and ethical aspects of sustainability.
  • Understand in general terms the structure of the regulatory process.
  • Determine the key environmental legislation, agreements and initiatives relating to an organisation and their relevance to operations.
  • Instigate management controls to ensure that operations do not pollute the environment and compliance is maintained.
  • Design and implement processes for the assessment, interpretation and management of environmental performance.

Course Content: Please contact us for a detailed syllabus.

Course Duration: The expected duration is 80 hours.

Start Date: You can start this course at anytime.

Entry Requirements: No previous qualifications are required. This course is open to everyone. No previous in-depth environmental knowledge required. However, a basic awareness is desirable.

Outcome: Upon successful completion you will be eligible to join the IEMA as an Associate Member (AIEMA). You will also receive a certificate issued by Envirotrain, as evidence of your qualification.

Apply now: To apply for this course  please contact us. If you are enrolled on the Envirotrain Associate Certificate course please click here: Current Students